The Macro Set-Up Podcast with Guy Adami & Dan Nathan

by Dan October 27, 2020 2:21 pm • RR Podcast• TheSetUp

Guy Adami and I are back with our weekly video podcast series The Macro Set-Up brought you by our presenting sponsor IG US, one of North America’s fastest-growing foreign exchange brokers.

Here is our discussion from earlier today recorded shortly after the stock market’s open where we discuss the three most pressing catalysts for risk assets, the upcoming election (obvi), the coronavirus surge the world over (some find debatable), and corporate earnings, which are coming in hot this week with Microsoft tonight, and the AGA of the MAGA complex (Apple, Google, Amazon) on Thursday after the close. A couple of weeks ago on this podcast, we had 5 catalysts, with two seemingly put on the back-burner to after the election, further fiscal stimulus, and virus vaccine progress, which we debate their hit to positive market sentiment.

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Click below to watch and see our rundown and charts below the video.


Show Notes and Charts:

Market Catalysts… Massive Week:

1. Election

2. Virus Surge

3. Corporate Earnings (F’MAGA)—> NDX

On BackBurner (till after the election):

1. Stimulus

2. Vaccine


6 Charts for Dan and Guy:

1) 1yr SPX (S&P 500)

2) 1yr NDX (Nasdaq)

3) 1yr VIX (SP Vol Index)

4) 5yr UST (10yr U.S. Treasury Yield)

5) 1yr DXY (U.S. Dollar Index)

6) 5yr DXY at the very end of the email


SPX 1yr

NDX 1yr

VIX 1yr

5yr chart of the 10-yr Treasury Yield

DXY 1yr Chart



John Kicklighter – Chief Currency Strategist at DailyFX’s 3 Charts:

1. Euro 1yr

2. GBP 1yr GBP (British Pound)


3. Yen 1yr Yen (Japanese yen)


WE END WITH 5yr DXY for Dan & GUY