Too Many Options: $FB, $DHI, $AAPL, $TWTR, $BBRY

by Enis December 24, 2013 7:54 am • Commentary

Full holiday excitement was on exhibit yesterday, with the CBOE composite put/call ratio hitting 0.61, its lowest level since January 2011.

1. FB – Options were actually quite active yesterday, with more than 400k calls trading on the day as FB hit a new all-time high, up almost 5%.  The Jan18th 60 calls were the most active line, trading over 30k.

2. TWTR – Options traded about 2x the 1 month average volume.  The weekly 61 puts were the most active line, trading almost 23k at an average price of 0.69.  TWTR traded to a new high, and is now up 60% in less than a month.

3. AAPL – Call to put ratio almost reached 2 as the stock closed at its highest level of 2013 after the announcement of the China Mobile deal.  The weekly 575, weekly 570, and weekly 565 calls were the most active lines, all trading over 20k.

4. DHI – Trader sold 30k of the Jan18th 20/21 call spread at around 0.62 to close, and bought 15k of the Feb 20/22 call spread for 0.98 to open.  DHI touched its 200 day moving average for the first time since July.

5. BBRY – Stock was up another 3.5%, and calls were active again.  The Jan18th 6 and Jan18th 8 calls were the most active lines.  Implied vol was down a few points as the stock calmed down after Monday’s big move.