Too Many Options: $ADBE, $FB, $TWTR, $APC, $HAL, $TSM

by Enis December 16, 2013 6:09 am • Commentary

Options volumes were light overall on Friday.  Most large single stock trades were on the call side of the ledger.

1.  ADBE – Stock closed up nearly 13% at a new all-time high on Friday after its earnings report on Thursday evening.  The Jan14 55 calls traded over 15k, a lot of selling to close, as that line had the most open interest of any line on the board.

2.  FB – Stock approaching its all-time high near $55.  Dec 55 and Dec 52.5 calls that expire this Friday both traded over 20k.
3.  TWTR – Options traded more than 3 times average volume.  Stock rose every single day last week, up more than 30% on the week.  The Dec 60 calls were the most active line, trading over 13k.  1 month implied vol hit its highest level for TWTR, above 60.

4.  APC – Stock fell 6.5% (was down around 12% on the open) on its highest volume day since mid-2010 (the BP oil spill) after the presiding judge said that APC faces damages of $5-14 billion over Tronox spill.  Call buying in farther out expiries dominated volumes, with the Feb 80, May 87.5, and Jan15 95 calls all trading over 10k.

5.  HAL – Buyer of 50k of the Apr 60/65 call spread paying 0.35.  HAL’s all-time high is $57.77, reached in July 2011.  The stock’s high this year was $56.52, reached in mid-Nov.

6.  TSM – Seller to close of 27k of the Jan15 17.5 calls at 1.60, and buyer of 9k of the Jan15 22.5 calls to close for 0.55.  Stock trading near 3 month lows around $17.