Too Many Options – $VIX, $INTC, $MSFT, $C, $MPC

by Enis November 25, 2013 6:09 am • Commentary

On the lightest volume day of the week ahead of Thanksgiving week, the most active options line was in the VIX.

  1. VIX – The May 15/13/11 put fly traded for around 0.55 in the afternoon.  The May 13 puts traded for 0.25 outside that structure, sold to open, trading over 100k on the day.
  2. INTC – Trader bought the Jan14 24 puts in the afternoon.  Almost 50k trade at an average price of 0.80.  Stock was down 5% after the analyst day.
  3. MSFT – The Dec 38 calls traded over 33k at an average price of 0.71 (one big seller of 20k at 0.66 in the afternoon).  MSFT’s high this year is $38.22.
  4. C – Jan14 55 calls trade over 25k, and the Mar 43 puts trade 20k on the day.  C hit its highest level since September, though still below its high of the year at $53.56.
  5. MPC – Very heavy call volume, as MPC traded above $80 for the first time since June.  The Apr 80 calls were the most active line – seller of 14k at 5.75 around noon.