Too Many Options: $CSCO, $MSFT, $DECK, $HTZ

by Dan November 5, 2013 4:32 pm • Commentary

1. CSCO – stock broke out above its 200 day moving average on decent volume in front of what some market participants are calling a highly anticipated product launch in the networking space (here).  One options trade was looking up with a roll in Jan calls, actually selling to close 20,000 of the Jan 25 calls at .27 and buying to open 40k of the Jan 24 calls for .53 shortly after the open when the stock was $22.90.

2. MSFT – broke out to new 52 week highs trading at levels not seen since Nov 2007, and closing up 2% on the day.  The most active line on the day was a closing seller of 49,000 Jan 30 Puts at .13, likely a hedger looking to get whatever than can get for the puts.  The next most active strikes were the Jan 38 and 37 calls with 23,000 and 14,00 trading respectively.  There was also a short dated roll where a trader sold 6,00o of the Dec 6th 35.50 calls at 1.12 to close and bought 6,000 of the Dec 6th 36 calls for .82 to open, this occurred when the stock was $36.30 shortly after the open.

3. DECK – Interesting trade went up on the close in the Uggs maker, a trader sold 8,000 Nov 67.50 calls at 4.55 to close and bought 16,000 Nov 72.50 calls to open at 1.35 and sold 8,000 Nov 75 calls at .50 to open.

4. XOM – stock traded to its highest levels in almost 3 months today, despite closing almost 1.5% off of the morning highs and down on the day.  There was a seller t0 close of 2 lots of 5,000 of the Nov 90 calls at 2.95 and then at 3.10 when the stock was probably $1 higher than the close.

5. HTZ – stock had a wild day, opening up, than going down almost 17% from the highs to close down 10.5%. Closing call sellers seemed to dominate most of the options flow with the largest print of the  Shortly after the open there was a seller to close of 11,600 Dec 23 calls at 1.00 and then later a seller of 5800 Dec 26 calls to close at .15 .