Too Many Options: $FB, $MSFT, $CSCO, $INTC, $T

by Enis October 30, 2013 5:10 am • Commentary

Market melt up continues, with the CBOE composite put/call ratio back near the lows of the year.  Tech stocks dominated options volumes.

  1. FB – Customer bought Jan15 47 puts and sold Jan15 55 calls,for a net debit of 30 cents, tied to buying nearly 5 million shares of stock at $49.80. Both sides to open, both sides trade over 67k on the day.
  2. MSFT – Second straight day where trader rolled short calls from Jan to April, this time buying back around 70k of the Jan14 32 calls for $3.59 to close, and selling almost 83k of the Apr 33 calls at an average price of $3.174
  3. CSCO – Big call volume, almost 5x the 1 month average.  The Jan14 25 calls traded almost 60k, mostly buyer initiating in the morning, average price of 0.254 on the day.
  4. INTC – Buyer initiating on the Nov 25 calls, mostly in the morning, with over 50k trading at an average price of 0.135.
  5. T – The Nov 37 calls trade 47k, mostly buyer initiating in the morning, with an average price of 0.184 on the day.  T hit its highest level since May.