Too Many Options: $EEM, $TSLA, $NQ, $JIVE, $CAM

by Enis October 25, 2013 4:22 am • Commentary

EEM had the largest option print yesterday, a day after VWO, another emerging market ETF, saw big put volume in Dec.

  1. EEM – Buyer of over 200k of the Nov 42.5 puts for 0.76 to open in the afternoon. 30 day implied vol moved about 1 point higher on the print.
  2. TSLA – Stock moved 5% higher, and weekly options were active, though evenly split between puts and calls.  Outside of the weeklies, the Nov1st 165 puts were most active.
  3. NQ – Stock plunged over 40% after Muddy Waters put out a negative report, claiming fraudulent accounting.  The March 25 calls were actually the most active line, trading over 15k on the day, mostly right after the news came out.
  4. JIVE – Buyer of 5k of the Nov 12.5 calls shortly after the open, in a rarely traded name.  The stock ended up more than 8% on little news, with the Nov 12.5 line trading almost 15k total.
  5. CAM – Stock fell almost 15% after an earnings miss and lowered guidance.  The largest options trade was actually a buyer of 10k of the Jan14 62.5 calls for 0.75.