Too Many Options: $AAPL, $FB, $NBG, $UPS, $TIVO

by Enis October 22, 2013 4:05 am • Commentary

On a day of low options volumes, the 2 big tech names led the activity.

  1. AAPL – Stock hit its highest level since January.  Call to put ratio rose above 2, with the top 6 most traded lines all calls.  The weekly 520 and 525 calls were the most active, trading around 25k each.
  2. FB – November 65 calls were bought in the morning, around 17k for 1.40.  Implied volatility moved a good chunk higher, with 1 month implied vol hitting its highest level of the year.
  3. NBG – The stock has doubled since its July low.  Major call buying in the past month, with frantic activity on Monday.  Jan15 7 calls traded over 40k, and Jan14 6 calls traded over 20k.
  4. UPS – Looks like a seller of 14k of the Nov 95 calls at 0.80 in the morning.  Stock made another new all-time high by the close.
  5. TIVO – Buyer of almost 15k of the Jan14 14 calls to open throughout the day, at an average price of $0.55.  TIVO’s high of the year is 14.10.