Too Many Options: $MU, $ABX, $ANF, $ROC, $WIN

by Enis October 14, 2013 4:08 am • Commentary

Some unusual stocks made the most active list on Friday.

  1. MU – Stock was down 8.6% after earnings, in its largest volume day in its entire history.  Option volumes around 3x the 1 month average.  The Apr 20 calls traded almost 20k, mostly buyer initiated.
  2. ABX – Trader sold 9,750 of the Jan14 15 puts to buy 9,750 of the Jan14 20/27 call spread, collected 0.15 for the package.  ABX low of the year is 13.43.
  3. ANF – Implied volatility jumped on around 8x average options volumes.  The Nov 31 puts traded over 15k, and the Nov 33 puts traded almost 10k.
  4. ROC – Rarely traded options, but there as a buyer of over 10k of the May 14 calls paying 3.60 for most of them.
  5. WIN – Large seller of the Nov 9 calls to open in the afternoon, selling over 60k at 0.06.  WIN has not traded above 9 since February.