Too Many Options: $EWJ, $MDY, $IP, $WM, $OKE

by Enis October 8, 2013 4:46 am • Commentary

Options volumes, like stock volumes, were relatively subdued yesterday.

  1. EWJ – Buyer of 175k of the Nov 11 puts for about 0.14 to open.  The Japanese Nikkei index hit a one month low yesterday.
  2. MDY – The S&P 400 Mid-Cap Index ETF options rarely trade, but a large print went up yesterday.  27,500 of the Oct 220 puts traded for 1.35.
  3. IP – Trader bought 15k of the Jan14 45 calls for 1.83 and sold 70k of the Jan14 50 calls for an avg price of 0.5115.  Looks like a trader rolling down a long 35k Jan14 50 call position into a Jan14 45/50 1×1 call spread.
  4. WM – The Nov 42 calls traded 13k for 0.555.  WM’s high of the year was around 43.50.
  5. OKE – Another name that rarely trades.  18k of the Oct 52.5 calls trade at 1.55, looks like a seller to close.