Too Many Options: $GE, $MOS, $JPM, $RVBD, $VLO

by Enis October 7, 2013 6:29 am • Commentary

Mostly calls traded on Friday in the single stock options space.

  1. GE – Trader sold 45k of the Dec 25 calls at 0.40 in the morning.  Possibly same trader – someone bought 50k of the Jan14 25 calls for 0.53 in the afternoon.
  2. MOS – The Nov 45 puts traded for around 1.84, packaged with the Nov 45 calls which traded for $2.56, both 26k times.  Looks like a synthetic forward (bought call / sold put).
  3. JPM – The Nov 55 calls traded almost 20k on the day, ahead of earnings next Friday.  Stock hit its highest level since Sept 20th.
  4. RVBD – Trader sold around 20k of the Oct 16 calls for an average price of 0.174.  Stock was up 6%, bouncing near crucial $14 support.
  5. VLO – Buyer of 15k of the Dec 39 calls for 0.38 in the morning.  The stock last traded above $39 in June.