Too Many Options: $QQQ, $WMB, $DAL, $FB, $TLM

by Enis October 2, 2013 5:23 am • Commentary

Call activity picked up again (CBOE put/call back down to 0.85) as traders reached for upside.

  1. QQQ – Trader bought over 70k of the Dec13 81 calls, paying 1.43 on average.  QQQ hit a new 10 year high yesterday (all-time high is 120.50 in March 2000).
  2. WMB – Trader sold 27,500 of the Jan14 40 calls at 0.77 to open.
  3. DAL – Trader sold around 25k of the Dec 26 calls at 0.81 to close in the morning.  Perhaps the same trader, someone sold 25k of the Dec 27 calls at 0.57 to open.
  4. FB – The Dec 65/70 call spread traded 25k at 0.45 to open.  The break-even on that spread would be another 30% higher from even by December expiry.
  5. TLM – Jan14 14 calls traded over 14k at 0.35, buyer initiating.  TLM was up 4% on its biggest single volume day in its entire trading history.  TLM has not traded above 14 September 2012.