Too Many Options: $FB, $BBRY, $DAL, $YHOO, $LVS

by Enis September 25, 2013 5:29 am • Commentary

Facebook and Blackberry dominated options volumes.

  1. FB – More than twice the normal options volumes, with 680k calls and 300k puts trading on the day.  The Oct18th 50 calls traded over 30k, with implied vol on that line rising more than 2 points.  FB is expected to report earnings after Oct18th expiry.
  2. BBRY – Implied vol shot up after yesterday’s massive decline, with most strikes up 5-10 vol points for the maturities 3 months and less.  The Jan14 9 straddle closed around 1.65, vs. around 1.30 on Monday’s close.
  3. DAL – A seller to close of about 26k of the Dec 26 calls at 0.81.  DAL actually hit a new-all time high (after its 2006-2007 bankruptcy exit).
  4. YHOO – Implied vol exploded as call buyers were active on the stock’s move to a new high.  Buyer of over 25k of the Jan14 38 calls, which traded at an average price of $0.684.
  5. LVS – Trader rolled the Nov 65 calls up to the Nov 67.5 calls, collecting 1.18 in the process.  LVS also hit a new high.