Too Many Options: $SPY, $T, $EWZ, $KO, $GDX

by Enis September 19, 2013 6:08 am • Commentary

Stock volumes were their highest in more than 2 months, and options volumes were similarly elevated.

  1. SPY – Very active day in S&P 500 index options as well as the ETF.  Volumes were 2.75x normal.  The Oct 165 puts were the most active line, with a large chunk of the Oct 170/165 put spread trading at 0.91 in the afternoon.
  2. T – The Oct 31 put traded over 100k, looks like a seller to close in the morning at 0.06.
  3. EWZ – Buyer of 80k of the Oct 50 calls for $0.58 in the morning.  Quite a purchase considering that the option closed at 1.30 by the end of the day.  EWZ had its highest close since early June.
  4. KO – Buyer of 20k of the Oct 40 calls in the afternoon for around $0.41.  KO reports earnings on Oct 15th.
  5. GDX – Huge call volume in GDX, more than 3x the average.  The Dec 30 calls were the most active, with a buyer of 20k for 0.76 prior to the Fed release.