Too Many Options – Put/Call Ratio Hits 2013 Low

by Enis September 10, 2013 5:05 am • Commentary

We’ve decided to post the options recap in the morning as opposed to the prior evening.  As traders, our focus is on the next day.  We hope that reading the post in the morning of the next trading day is more beneficial to you.  Please let us know if you have any further suggestions.

The CBOE equity put/call ratio closed at its lowest level of 2013, ending the day at 0.68.  Not surprising then that calls dominated the options volumes.

  1. XLF – Buyer of 60k of the Mar14 21 calls for an average price of $0.535, and a buyer of 75k of the Jun14 22 calls for an average price of $0.475, both to open.
  2. CMCSA – Seller of 30k of the Oct 45 calls to open, mostly trading at 0.26.  CMCSA has traded above $45 for only a brief period in late July and early August.
  3. XLE – The Sept30th 80 / 76 put spread traded 30k for 0.31 to open.  XLE has not traded below 80 since early July.
  4. XHB – Trader sold 20k of the Sept 30 calls at 0.38 to close, and bought 10k of the Oct 30 calls for 0.97 to open.
  5. TWX – Similar trade to the CMCSA.  Trader sold 9k of the Oct 65 calls, with most sold at 0.52.