Too Many Options: $FB, $HPQ, $MU, $POT, $AAPL

by Enis July 30, 2013 5:09 pm • Commentary

Calls a good bit more active, as CBOE Put/Call Ratio fell to 0.78 today.

  1. FB – The stock almost touched its IPO level of $38, making it to 37.96 in the afternoon.  Call to put ratio was 2.3, and the weekly 38 and weekly 37 calls were the most active lines.  Implied vol moved 2.5 points higher in September as options buying dominated flows.
  2. POT – Implied vol spiked as POT ended down 16.5%, though off the lows of the day by almost 9%.  The Aug 32 calls, Sept 35 puts, and Sept 32 calls all traded over 10k.
  3. HPQ – Buyer of over 25k of the Sept 25 puts for an average price of $1.35 over the course of the day.  HPQ reports earnings in late August.
  4. MU – The Jan14 9 put traded almost 38k at 0.495 mid-day, looks like buyer initiated.  MU last traded below $9 in March.
  5. AAPL – Stock closed at its highest level since early May.  The call to put ratio was not that extended, around 1.65.  Weekly 460 and 455 calls were the most active lines.