Too Many Options: $SPY, $VIX, $AAPL, $NOK, $GRPN

by Enis July 11, 2013 8:19 pm • Commentary

Still a macro driven market as the majority of options trading taking place in SPY, VIX, and other ETFs.

  1. SPY – Stock volumes were lower than average, but option volumes were above the 1 month average.  August 165 puts were the most active line outside of the weeklies.
  2. VIX – 20 day average call to put ratio is 1.4, but was actually below 1 today (a rare occurrence), at 0.6.  July 14, July 15, and August 14 puts were the most active lines.
  3. AAPL – Stock has rallied almost 10% from its low at June month end.  Weekly 430 and 425 calls were the most active lines.
  4. NOK – August 4.5 puts traded over 20k, mostly buying this morning at 0.53.  Stock is up 20% in the past month.  Reports earnings on July 18th.   
  5. GRPN –   July 8 and July 8.5 puts trade 35k and 24k respectively, both buying to open, both between 1 and 2pm in the afternoon.  Large size for the stock, and only 6 trading days left until expiry.