Too Many Options – $EEM, $XLP, $SVU, $DISH, $GDX

by Enis July 2, 2013 7:59 pm • Commentary

Still holiday volumes in the option markets, but here were a few standouts.

  1. EEM – August Puts were very active today, with the Aug 38/33 put spread trading 60k times for 0.92 in the morning.
  2. XLP – The Sept 37 / 42 risk reversal traded on a slight ratio, 16k x 20k, with puts trading 0.04 over the calls.  The high of the year in XLP is $42.20.
  3. SVU – Trader rolling 15k of the Jul 7 calls out to the Aug 7 calls, paying about 0.19 for the privilege.  Stock has more than doubled this year.
  4. DISH – Buyer of more than 4k of the Sept 55 calls this afternoon for 0.35.  The 2007 high in DISH is around $47.30.
  5. GDX – The August 24 puts were bought this morning, more than 20k around 1.55 average price.  26 is the key level on the upside, with last week’s low of 22.21 the downside level to watch.