Too Many Options: $GLD, $FXI, $ORCL, $XLF, $SLV

by Enis June 27, 2013 8:18 pm • Commentary


  1. GLD – Buyer of more than 51k of the Oct 131 calls for 1.75 in the morning.  Implied vol for that line was up 2 points on the day as GLD ended near a 3 year low.
  2. FXI – Chinese ETF remained active.  Seller of 110k of the Aug 37 calls at 0.08, likely to close.
  3. ORCL – Over 100k calls trade on the day.  27k of the Jan14 37 calls trade at 0.40, and the Jan14 32/37 call spread trades 10,500x at 1.29 separately.
  4. XLF – Looks like a buyer of over 100k of the Aug 19 puts for an average price of 0.38, possibly to close based on open interest.
  5. SLV – Buyer of 13,500 of the Apr14 18.5 straddle for $4.30
  6. EEM –  Lighter volume that the past couple days, but the July 5th expiry 39 calls traded 25k near the close at 0.28, looks like sold to close.
  7. TWC – 10x average volume in the options as John Malone is said to be exploring scenarios to buy the company.  Interestingly, puts were more active than calls.
  8. CMCSK – Buyer of 5k x 10k of the Oct 39 / 41 Call Spread for even money.  Trade is profitable between 39 and 43 (41.88 is the high for the stock this year).
  9. F – The Aug 15 calls traded 20k for 1.01 and the Aug 16 calls traded 30k for 0.46, both at the same time.
  10. IYR – The Jul 66 / 68 Call Spread traded almost 30k in the morning for around 0.90, likely to close.