Too Many Options – $VIX, $GLD, $SPY, $LNG, $PG

by Enis June 26, 2013 4:27 pm • Commentary

Few themes and light volumes today.

  1. VIX – Buyer of 108k of the Aug 28 / 37 Call Spread for 0.60.  While VIX spot is lower, VIX Futures have held up better, discussed here today.
  2. GLD – Amid the carnage today, someone actually put up a decent amount of premium to buy the Sept 130 calls for around 1.53 average price, 52k times.  
  3. SPY – The July 160 puts and July 160 calls were the most active as traders watched the 1600 level in SPX.  The weekly 160 line also has the most open interest for this week’s expiry.
  4. LNG – Seller to close of 35k of the Sept 35 calls at 0.31.  These were purchased back on May 21st around $1.00.
  5. PG – Mostly seller initiated of the Jul 75 put strike, trading 22k at average price of $0.73.  Stock stuck between 50 day and 200 day for almost a month now.