Too Many Options: $EEM, $VIX, $S, $INTC, $AMTD

by Enis June 11, 2013 7:00 pm • Commentary

Macro structures still dominated the trading day.

  1. EEM – Trader rolled down 133k of the Dec 46 calls, selling those to close at 0.28, and bought 101k of the Dec 44 calls for 0.557 in their place.  EEM hit its lowest level since September.
  2. VIX – Heavy call volume as the VIX closed above 17 for only the 4th time in 2013.  The June 20 and June 16 calls were the most active, trading 69k and 59k respectively.
  3. S – One of the few names moving higher today after Softbank raised its bid for Sprint.  The Jul 7 puts were the most active line, trading 59k on the day at an average price of 0.26.
  4. INTC – Looks like a roll, as someone sold 40k of the June 26 calls at 0.07, and bought 40k of the July 27 calls for 0.18.
  5. AMTD – Large 3 way traded, looks like a bullish trade to open.  Buyer of Seller of 42k of the Jan15 18 puts at 1.31, to buy 42k of the Jan15 25 / 30 call spread for 1.60.  AMTD stock last traded above 25 in 2006.