Too Many Options – $AAPL, $BAC, $FB, $SPLS, $VOD

by Enis June 10, 2013 6:00 pm • Commentary

Very light day in terms of volumes in both the options and the overall stock market.

  1. AAPL – The WWDC did not deliver much excitement, and implied vol in AAPL ended lower across maturities.  Call to put ratio was around 1.9, near the highs of the past month.  The weekly 450, 460, 455 and 445 calls all traded more than 20k.
  2. BAC – The stock has been stuck between 13 and 14 for the past month.  The 14 call line was the most active today, as the June and July 14 calls both traded around 18k.
  3. FB – Call to put ratio up to 2.5, as some optimism returned after the stock’s upgrade, though 25 still looms as major resistance.  The July 27 calls were the most active line, trading around 17k.
  4. SPLS – Looks like a buyer of 15k of the Sept 15 puts to open, paying 0.85.  The stock made a new 52 week high today.
  5. VOD – Interesting, very heavy call buying in July and October, the most active day in the past month, with over 40k calls trading.  The Jul and Oct 30 calls both traded over 10k.