New Trade $BBY – Best Buy Buying Bested

by Enis June 5, 2013 2:45 pm • Commentary

I have had some success trading BBY this year counter to the uptrend (trades here and here), which has been a bit lucky given how incredibly strong the stock has traded.  But I have found it to be a very technically driven name, and have an easier time figuring when buyers have become exhausted rather than when a new wave of buying is going to occur.

In that vein, it looks like the exhaustion point may have arrived on Monday, when BBY was upgraded (albeit by Suntrust Robinson), and the stock opened at 28.37, and proceeded to close a dollar lower on the day.  Since then, the stock has been much ado about nothing, despite the market’s broader weakness, but I think it has some likely catch up to do on the downside, especially given the 1 year chart of decreasing momentum on each push higher:

1 year daily chart of BBY (50 day ma in pink), RSI lower panel, Courtesy of Bloomberg
1 year daily chart of BBY (50 day ma in pink), RSI lower panel, Courtesy of Bloomberg

The lower panel is the RSI, and I’ve drawn an arrow to show that the peak in RSI momentum was in March, but each push higher since then has resulted in lower and lower momentum.  A move back down to at least the 50 day would make sense given that multi-month divergence, especially since the run so far this year has been so strong (up $15).

But the structure of the options trade is crucial in a name like this.  Here is my trade:  

TRADE: BBY ($27.20) Sold the July 26 / 28 Call Spread at $0.99

-Sold 1 July 26 Call at 2.13

-Bought 1 July 28 Call for 1.14

Break-Even on July Expiration:

Profits: Up to 0.99 between 26 and 26.99, max profit of 0.99 at 26 or below

Losses: Up to 1.01 btwn 26.99 and 28, max loss of 1.01 at 28 or above

Trade Rationale:  As per my previous two trades, I don’t expect a major fall in BBY given the strong volume accumulation on moves higher this year, and implied volatility is quite high, so I’m wary of paying out premium on a name like this.  As a result, I chose to sell a call spread instead, and will look to take it off in the $25 area in the ideal scenario of a pullback to the 50 day ma.