Introducing CNBC and Yahoo Finance’s Talking Numbers with Enis Taner

by CC May 13, 2013 11:41 am • Commentary
CNBC and Yahoo Finance are starting a new, joint online show that launches today, called Talking Numbers.  Our very own Enis Taner is one of the 2 main panelists for the show.  It’s a fundamentals vs. technicals debate on 2-3 topics each day, with Richard Ross and Enis hashing out their views on buys vs. sells, and areas of support and resistance, with a number of high-profile guests joining in the debate.  Hosted by CNBC’s Brian Sullivan, you can watch the 15 minute show each afternoon at
Here’s a taste of the type of topics that will be covered on the show as Enis goes over the Head and Shoulders technical pattern and what causes it:

And here’s Richard Ross discussing bullish and bearish trendlines:

Please let us know if you have ideas for future topics, and we look forward to incorporating content and ideas from the show into RiskReversal as well.