Too Many Options – $SNE, $FCX, $OXY

by Enis May 8, 2013 5:09 pm • Commentary

Standard volumes in BAC and AAPL today, but wanted to include a few different names.

  1. SNE – Sony reports earnings overnight, and the May 20 calls were very active as a result.  Looks like a seller to close of 25k at 0.05 this morning.  SNE is up 55% so far in 2013.
  2. FCX – Copper and gold were both higher today, and FCX caught a bid.  The June 25 puts were sold around 0.055, 25k times.
  3. OXY – The May 90 calls traded 25k this morning at 0.97 to open.  The stock is up 12.5% in the past 2.5 weeks.
  4. WMB – Stock declined 3.5% on disappointing earnings.  The Jul 41 calls were the most active, trading 20k at 0.16.
  5. EMC – Seller of 12k of the May 24 calls at 0.11, likely to close.  Also, the Jan 14 20/15 put spread was bought 16,550 times for $0.51, could be rolling up.