Too Many Options: All Tech, $MSFT, $AAPL, $FB

by Enis May 1, 2013 6:59 pm • Commentary

Very light volumes in single stock options outside of the tech sector.

  1. MSFT – Some very large prints early in the session.  65k of the Oct 30 calls, 35k of the Jan14 30 calls, and 35k of the Jul 27 calls traded.  Stock closed at a 7 year high yesterday.
  2. AAPL – Call to put ratio down a bit, to 1.5.  The weekly 440 and 450 calls both traded over 30k.
  3. FB – Implied move was 8.5%, and the stock is trading unchanged after hours.  The main volume during the day was in the May regular 26 puts (30k) and May regular 28 calls (24k).
  4. MU – Someone bought 32k of the Oct 32 calls for $0.34 this morning, partially financed by selling 10k of the Oct 9 / 7 put spread at $0.65.  Stock has not traded over 12 since 2007.
  5. NXPI – Seller to close of 5k of the May 25/30 call spread at $1.95.  25 is important support for the name.