Too Many Options: Put/Call Ratio Highest Close In 3 Weeks

by Enis April 3, 2013 8:17 pm • Commentary

Today was the largest down move in the SPX since Feb. 25th, and not surprisingly, puts more active than calls as the CBOE Put/Call moved up to 1.03, the highest since Mar. 13th.  Macro flow dominated the options market.

  1. EEM – Likely seller to close of 180k of the June 42.5 puts around 1.48 midday, as open interest on the line was 180k.  EEM closed just above its 200 day ma.
  2. XLF – Apr 18 puts traded around 67k, mostly buying this morning at 0.22.  XLF closed above its 50 day ma at 17.84.  It has not breached its 50 day ma since November.
  3. BAC – BAC did close below its 50 day ma.  Calls still more active.  The weekly 12 calls traded 40k, and the Apr 12 and May 13 calls traded around 30k.
  4. JCP – Someone sold 30k of the May 16 calls at around 0.63.  Stock closed very close to its 4 year low at 14.20 hit in March.
  5. HSH – The Jul 39 calls traded 25k times for 0.26, not clear if it’s opening or closing.
  6. MSFT – Apr 29 puts traded 19k, mostly buying, at an average price of $0.59.
  7. ZNGA – Call volume 4x average, led by the Apr 3.5 calls, which traded over 15k, and the May 3.5 calls which traded nearly 10k.  Online gambling in the U.K. was today’s catalyst.
  8. FB – Stock was up more than 3%, but call to put ratio only at 1.2.  The Jan14 20 puts were the most active, with mostly buying throughout the day as almost 15k trade at 0.94 avg
  9. ABX – The Jul 26 calls traded almost 15k on the day at an avg. price of 2.05.  Stock hit a new 4 year low today.
  10. AAPL – Call to put ratio down to 1.05, and the weekly 430 puts and weekly 440 calls were the most active.