Too Many Options: $BX, $HD, $AMTD

by Enis April 1, 2013 4:46 pm • Commentary

Lighter than normal option volumes today on the day after Easter.

  1. BX – Seller (likely to close) of 31k of the Jan15 30 calls at an average price of 0.61 around noon.  BX made 5 year highs last month, only to pull back below $20.
  2. HD – The May 67.5 put / 70 call traded 20k at 0.64 around noon, looks like someone putting on protection with a collar.
  3. AMTD – Seller of 20k of the Aug 23 calls, likely to close, at an average price of 0.32.
  4. YHOO – The Jan14 25 / 20 1×2 put spread traded 10k x 20k at 1.25, looks like someone rolling up Jan14 puts from the 20 strike to the 25 strike.
  5. TXN – Apr 35 puts traded over 17k, dominated by buying this morning.  Semis as a whole were weak today, with SMH down 1.5%.
  6. CSCO – Apr 21 put and Apr 21 call were active this morning, with both lines trading close to 15k.  CSCO unable to close above 50 day ma for 7th straight day.
  7. X – The Jul 18 / 13 ratio put spread traded 7k x 17k, looks like someone potentially unwinding a position they put on in early February.  X hit 6 month lows today.
  8. SE – June 31 calls traded over 15k at an average price of 0.72, mostly in the afternoon.  Looks like a seller to close.
  9. BAC – Apr 13 calls traded over 25k, and call to put ratio was all the way up at 3, despite the fact that BAC ended lower on the day.  12.94 the high so far in 2013.
  10. AAPL – Call to put ratio ended at 1.3, and the weekly 440 calls and weekly 430 puts both traded over 20k.