Too Many Options: Tech Calls Active, $AAPL, $GOOG, $MSFT

by Enis March 5, 2013 6:30 pm • Commentary

Tech names dominated volume today.

  1. AAPL – Most active name, and call to put ratio moved up to 1.85.  The weekly 430, 435, and 440 calls all traded more than 30k.
  2. GOOG – Call to put ratio up to 1.12 today, and the weekly 840 and 835 calls both traded more than 5k.
  3. MSFT – The stock closed at a 3 month high, and there was a flurry of buying of the Apr 29 call this morning.  28k traded around 0.45 avg. price.
  4. INTC – Similar to MSFT (so possibly same buyer), 28k of the Apr 22 calls traded at an average price around 0.41, buyer initiated.
  5. CSCO – The weekly 21.5 calls were the most active, trading almost 20k on the day.  Buyers obviously playing for a breakout to 2 year highs.
  6. JNPR – The Apr 21 and Jul 22 calls both traded around 9k times, both to open.  Stock one of the few to close down today.
  7. IWM – The Mar28 90/85/80 put fly traded 60k, possibly closing as open interest sufficient.
  8. CREE – The June 50/46 put spread traded almost 10k this morning, at 1.86 for the package, likely someone rolling their long June 46 puts up to the June 50 level after the stock bounced 15% after upgrades on the introduction of new LED bulbs.
  9. XLP – The Mar 39 calls traded 10k, and the Jun and Apr 39 calls also more active than normal.
  10. MTG – 10 times avg. volume, with the Mar 5 calls and puts both very active.  IV30 up 20 points to 120.