Too Many Options: Mortgage Insurers Active, $GNW, $MBI, $MTG

by Enis March 4, 2013 6:43 pm • Commentary

The usual suspects in options were relatively quiet today, with some high volume in the mortgage insurers.

  1. GNW – Largest single stock option volume today was in the Apr 10 line in Genworth.  Almost 27k traded with an avg. price of 0.25, as the stock closed almost 7% higher.  
  2. MBI – The stock closed up 24% after the New York State Supreme Court ruled in MBIA’s favor against BAC on MBIA’s 2009 restructuring.  The Mar 13, 12, and 11 calls all traded over 5k.
  3. MTG – The stock was up 27% on Friday after earnings, and rallied another 10% today, on very heavy volume both days.  The Apr 4.5 and Mar 4 calls both traded over 5k.
  4. TSO – Active put buying in the morning even as the stock made a new 5 year high.  The Mar 55 puts traded over 5k, and implied vol was up almost 5 points in March.
  5. EEM – An opening trade in April, as someone traded 11k of the Apr 38.5 puts vs. 5500 of the Apr 41.5/45 call spread
  6. MU – The stock made an 11 month high today, and calls were active.  Buyer of 7k of the Jul 9/11 call spread was most notable.
  7. OIH – Weak sector today.  Buyer of 10k of the Apr 38 puts to open, sending implied vol up 1.5 points on the day.
  8. BAC – Stock still ended higher after adverse MBIA ruling.  But Mar 11 puts were most active line, trading almost 25k, with most coming after midday ruling.
  9. AAPL – Call to put ratio still at 1.35 despite 4th straight down day.  Weekly 430 and 425 calls most active.
  10. GOOG – Call to put ratio at 1.1 as stock made new all-time high.  Weekly 815 calls most active line, trading over 6k.