TMO – An Assortment of Names

by Kristen February 14, 2013 8:54 pm • Commentary

1. CCL – stock down again today, but ended up only down $.11 despite the company reporting that the Triumph disaster will affect it’s earnings as they will have to cancel at least 12 future cruises on the ship.  Twitter buzz was bad as people reported in from the ship about pooping in bags and other gross stuff. IV30 was up almost 2 points today, but at 26 is not high compared to say pre-earnings volatility.

2. QLIK – options traded 10x average volume with earnings announced this afternoon.  IV30 was in 7 points today but had peaked yesterday at a 52-week high of 82.  The at-the-money straddle closed at $1.95.  Stock is currently well above $25 in after hours trading after closing at $22.76.

3. WM – Waste Management – 23K+ Mar 37 calls traded on the day.  Seems to be mostly buys.  Open interest on the line was 13,800.  Earnings were this morning and stock was up $.50. Average option volume is around 4K and over 41K options traded.  IV30 was actually up a point.

4. STZ – stock was up almost $12 and IV30 up almost 11 points.  Over 400K options traded. Action was spread out across a broad swath of strikes and months. The company agreed to purchase the rights to distribute Grupo Modelo beers in the US.

5. SPWR – another insane day with stock up $2 and IV30 up almost 27 points.  48K+ options traded.  The biggest trade was a buyer of 9000 Jun 11 calls.

5. HYG – iShares iBoxx $ High Yield Corporate Bond Fund –  the Mar 93/90 put spread traded 17K times.  And the Mar 92/89 put spread traded 11K times.  Both look like buys.  On every line there is sufficient open interest.

6. EEM – 14,500 Jun 42/38 put spreads bought. 10,870 Jun 44/41 put spreads traded with 21,740 Jun 46 calls. The calls were bought and sold the put spreads.

7. MDY– MidCap SPDRs – someone sold 10,000 Mar 205 calls.  Opening.  That’s an unusually large trade in that product.

8. BBY – some big trades in here today.  Looks like someone rolled 10,000 Jun 12 puts to Sep 12 puts.  The Jun 12 put and 16 call traded 20.000 by 10.000, looks like a risk reversal.  And 34K+ Jun 18 calls traded.  Looks like a sale but the print is out of sequence.  Thereis 37K open interest on the line.

9. LYV – Live Nation – over 35K Mar 10 puts traded.  Looks like an opening buy.  No other line has more than 10K open interest.  Earnings are Feb 26th.  IV30 was up 12 points.

10. IWM – the Marr 28 weekly 80/85/90 put butterfly traded 17, 500 times.