Too Many Options: Put/Call Ratio Near Lows of 2012

by Enis December 17, 2012 5:31 pm • Commentary

Calls dominated trading again, as the CBOE put/call ratio dropped to 0.70, near the lows of the 0.63 – 1.43 range for 2012.

  1. BAC – The Dec 11 calls traded more than 100k, as BAC was up almost 4%.  The Jan13 10 and Jan13 11 calls also traded more than 45k.
  2. AAPL – The call to put ratio was close to 1.0 throughout the morning, a good indicator of overly bearish short-term sentiment.  By the end of the day, it was back up to 1.3, average for the past few weeks.
  3. AA – The Jan13 9 calls traded more than 30k, on what looked like selling midday.  Stock has been between $8 and $10 since April.
  4. GE – The weekly 22 calls traded more than 25k, mostly buying in the afternoon around 0.11.
  5. CAT – Someone traded almost 25k of the Jan13 85 / 95 risk reversal for $0.71
  6. PSX – Customer sold 10k of the Jan13 50 / 55 call spread to close at $2.70, taking profits after a huge 6 month run.
  7. NDAQ – Lightly traded name traded 8x normal options volume, a result of a seller of the Jan13 25 calls, almost 3k on the day
  8. VFC – Options traded 7x normal volume in another normally quiet name.  One large seller of to open sold 3k of the Jan13 140 puts at $1.15, and bought about 1k of the Jan13 150 calls to open around $4.30
  9. TYC – Another bullish risk reversal, this time in TYC.  Someone sold almost 7500 of the Jul 25 puts to buy almost 7500 of the Jul 32 calls, paying about 0.03 for the structure.
  10. RCL – The cruise operator traded 4x normal options volume, as the stock was up almost 3%. The Dec 34 puts and Dec 35 calls were the most active lines.