Too Many Options: Single Letter Symbols, $F, $S, $X

by Enis December 12, 2012 5:27 pm • Commentary

A lot of single letter symbols among the most actives today.

  1. F – The the Jan13 12.5 / 14 1×3 call spread traded today, paying 0.06 for that structure, 25k x 75k, the largest single stock options print today.  Likely someone long the stock looking to lever their upside for little premium.
  2. S – The Jan13 5 puts traded more than 30k, mostly buying this morning at 0.06.  S has traded between 5.50 and 6.00 for the past 2 months, since the Softbank deal announcement
  3. X – More than 30k of the Jan13 22.5 puts traded, mostly buying in two chunks this afternoon, once at 1.10, then later at 1.16.  Stock touched its 200 day moving average for the first time since May this afternoon, only to close down by the close.
  4. WMT – Buyer of around 40k of the Jan13 75 calls for 0.085 this morning, possibly to close based on open interest.  Stock has sold off almost 5% this week.
  5. BAC – Call volume almost 3x as active as puts.  Dec 11 and Jan13 12.5 calls both traded more than 40k, and top 6 lines all calls, possibly sentiment skewed too much one way
  6. GE – The Dec 22 calls traded more than 25k, mostly buying in the afternoon, at an average around 0.20
  7. GDX – ETF up 3% on the back of precious metals strength.  The Jan13 48 puts traded more than 10k, mainly a seller in the afternoon, likely to close.
  8. AIG – Someone sold 17,900 of the May 40 calls at 1.08; more overwriting activity after yesterday’s large secondary.  Long holders like to sell calls against their long stock after a widely distributed deal.
  9. WMB – The Dec 30 puts traded 25k in the morning, looks like a buyer to close, paying around 0.29
  10. AAPL – Light options volume for AAPL, as stock had its lowest volume day in 7 trading days.  Call to put ratio around 1.3, and the weekly 550 calls were the most traded line.