Too Many Options – $AAPL and Macro

by Enis November 15, 2012 5:15 pm • Commentary

Very little traded in the single stock options world today outside of AAPL.  Only 5 highlights today as a result, mostly macro:

  1. AAPL – Top 6 most traded single stock options lines were in AAPL today, all Nov expiry, as traders cleaned up positions ahead of expiry tomorrow.
  2. SPY – More than 200k of the Nov 135 and Nov 136 puts traded; again, traders managing their positions ahead of tomorrow’s expiry.
  3. CNX – Someone sold 22k of the Jan13 31 put at $2.29, taking gains on protection they had previously bought.  CNX has sold off more than 10% since the elections.
  4. TLT – The Dec 122 puts traded almost 40k times, almost all in the morning, as protection buyers continue to stay active in TLT
  5. FB – The Nov 22 calls and Nov 22 puts both traded more than 25k ahead of expiry tomorrow.