Too Many Options – Potpourri Day

by Enis October 25, 2012 6:34 pm • Commentary

No theme stood out among the largest trades today.  On a relatively low volume day:

  1. AAPL – I would have expected greater volume on the day of the earnings announcement.  The 650 strike calls in Oct and Nov were the most active lines
  2. IP – Largest single stock print of the day.  Buyer of 25k of the Jan13 43 calls this morning, paying 0.10, likely to close based on open interest.
  3. GRPN – someone bought 27,500 of the Apr13 4 calls for $1.20.  GRPN has basically been flat since its earnings miss in mid-August
  4. ZNGA – The Nov 2 calls traded more than 25k for around 0.41 in the morning, looked like a seller, taking advantage of the 12% bounce
  5. DOW – Someone sold 25,904 of the Dec 32 calls at 0.37, likely to close based on open interest.
  6. EXPE – Stock opened higher on the earnings beat, but closed lower.  The Jan13 48 / 50 call spread was sold, 10k times, for around 1.15, likely to close
  7. CAB – The options in the stock traded 17 times average options volume, as the stock was down almost 20% after it missed on revenues and guidance
  8. ANGI – Angie’s List was up 27%, and the options, which rarely trade, had 10 times average volume.  The Nov 10 and 12.5 calls were the most active.
  9. CROX – The stock was down 21%, to 3 year lows, after a weak earnings report.  Options traded 7 times normal volume, with the Nov 13 puts the most active
  10. RCL – Royal Caribbean was active on a strong earnings report, up 8% to 1 year highs.  The March 34 and Jan13 30 calls were the most active.