Introducing the new – Your Questions Answered

by CC June 29, 2012 1:08 pm • Education

One of the things we enjoy most here at Risk Reversal is the frequent one on one assistance we are able to provide to subscribers as it relates to options strategy and trading in general. Often times we post the best of these interactions to the site so that others can learn from the back and forth.

As the site grows, the frequency of readers emails is also growing, and in an effort to better manage this process with an eye towards the content benefiting the whole subscriber base, we’ve decided to migrate the Q&A process to something a little more real-time and interactive. We’ve set up a permanent page where these discussions can happen publicly and others can learn in a more community oriented format. The way it works is the same way it’s worked when we’ve left the comment section open on previous posts. We respect the fact that alot of you will want to keep your identity protected while asking questions. If so, please change your public name if you currently have it as your full name. To do so, go to your Profile Page and type in a nickname, then select that nickname on the dropdown as your publicly displayed name. (your username to log into the site will stay the same)

The big difference is this will be a permanent area of the site that can be accessed from the front page at anytime, and will feature fairly up to date questions and answers, even some that are timely to that days market action.

The one caveat is that we will have to moderate the questions before answering and publishing for obvious reasons. We’ll do our best to keep the section relevant and timely and so all questions and answers may not be shown publicly, but hopefully this will serve as a great addition to the educational aspects of Risk Reversal.

Here’s the link: Your Questions Answered