Another Update on Open Trades That Expire Today

by CC July 15, 2011 10:45 am • Commentary

10:45 Update

SPY – I am going to to take put spread off now for .25

Citi – Put spread offering balance at .97

FXE – I leave small and barring any news will come down to wire

QID I want to keep a close eye on I will sell it when stock above 50 try to get out unchanged….but if you want to salvage for what premium u can get than make sales now.



Pre-Open Update

Citi July 40/41 Put Spread that I bought for .21 last week, with stock at 40.15 in the pre-market I will sell the last quarter of my position for a gain and move on…….

SPY July 131/130 Put Spread that I bought for .21 on Tuesday…..with stock at 131.68 in pre-market I will look to take some off in the first sell off as this will quickly lose value throughout the day if the stock stays above 131.

FXE July 140/138/136 Put Fly, I have sold most of this for a gain and the small balance of my position will expire worthless with the stock at 141.

QID  July 50/51 call spread for .25, with stock at 49, I would need a huge tech reversal for this to make money……..